My latest radio Dante show on Christmas in Literature

Here it is, my latest radio Dante show, half an hour in Italian and half an hour in English, about Christmas in Literature. We talked about Gianni Rodari (what beautiful poems he has made!) and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Of course, there is also some very good music to listen to! 👌🎶

Extinction Rebellion against climate emergency in Cambridge (Uk)

Yesterday, a very peaceful protest from climate change activists Extinction Rebellion was set in the Grafton Centre in Cambridge. It was a Black Friday protest to bring attention to the way consumerism is contributing to the climate and ecological crisis.The non-violent activist movement points out how the festive seasons create mountains of plastic pollution, produce massive amounts of carbon emissions from cars, and waste tonnes of food. The logo of the XR group is an hourglass inside a circle which represents time running out for many species. I agree with them when they state that we are in a climate and ecological emergency. Anyone should play its part and make the difference to save our planet and our lives.