Coffee break!

pausa-caffc3a8Today I did not even have time to put on the coffee machine because of all the work I had to do. So, between working at my laptop and a quick grocery shopping, I allowed myself a STRICTLY single espresso take away from Caffè Nero.  I can introduce it to you: this is the most similar to the Neapolitan espresso coffee, the most decent they make here in Cambridge (and in Uk in general.) Less watery than others and hence the most “single” there will ever be here. Be warned, if you come around here and begin to despair from the airport for the first few sips and tries of coffee, do not get discouraged and enter the first Caffè Nero you find.  [N.B. this is also the only coffe-shop chain which offers water here… as usual in every café and bar in Naples  😉]


My coming out [the side effects ..]

Lately everyone is criticizing these Spanish singers (such as Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi, etc.) who come up with their successful hits as soon as the good season shows up (the real proper one, in countries where there is still the cycle of seasons in accordance with the needs of our nature of human beings…) No way! I have become an “addicted” to their cheerful  and “fucking around” songs. With my surprise actually: I’m passionate about music and I listen to all kinds, from instrumental to commercial, to classic .. In addition to beautiful melodies, I LOVE to find interesting and meaningful lyrics able to tug at my heartstrings. So, the first time I saw the video I linked below, my thoughts (well “neapolitanly” expressed) were: “But what lout!” or even things like “please, guys, go to work !!” Lately, I rather play those songs over and over again to cheer myself up.  And in addition to the high volume, I need to watch the videos: nothing other than people dancing, laughing and having fun, under an unbelievable sunshine on crowded beaches or at nightclubs, with actually some boor guys and beautiful women flattered by their firm and “mucho cliente” courtship.

Yep! Let’s go to sing and dance.


My work experience at the BBC

If there’s one thing that has kept me incredibly alive and happy here in Cambridge that was working for a short time at BBC Look East. This is something I will always be grateful for to this place.

Here in the Uk the best way to get access to the television industry is through these work experiences, kind of  voluntary, unpaid placements (for this reason brief).

Let’s say the truth, in Naples the bachelor’s and master’s degree earned through blood, sweat, and tears, along with my work experience as a journalist and press officer at no time would have let me gain to get somewhere even close to the BBC.

That can give an idea of : 1)  my surprise when I knew I had got hired 😂 [reading the word “HIRED” gives you such a good feeling]


2)  the “advanced civilization”,  I would say,  and meritocracy that make England and its economy so strong … and their absence that makes our poor Italy, on the contrary,  so messed up.

Such a pretty place, isn’t it? * _ *  I am showing you the venue and the entrance to the newsroom. Below you can see my happiness captured in a selfie in the bathroom 😁 (I tried to pull myself together in front of my colleagues … for most of the time at least)

Gi happy BBC

I admit it, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt so happy ! And these are my desk and one side of the newsroom I shot at the end of the day after the Evening News.

My schedule allowed me:  to join the morning editorial meetings, the production meetings, the debriefings straight after the evening News with technicians, producers and journalists;  and to follow journalist and cameraman out filming,  to shadow them in the editing room alongside with technicians and graphic designers. Moreover, I was allowed to watch broadcasts from the gallery and to work on a story searching interviewees. A blast! Besides, given my little bit of luck, I also had a chance to film and find a story…So my pictures have run on the Evening News and online. 😎 (Top stuff! they said! 😁 ) [It was about a police chase – of a stolen car we found out the next day. – The car crashed into a construction site after being stopped by a police stinger.  🚔🚘🎥 I was lucky enough to found myself in the taxi of a witness of the story, a very nice and chatty indian guy who I asked to take me to the place. There, I asked some information to the policemen and made my footage with the Iphone and tripod I always bring with me.]

A happy experience with happy , competent and professional people. I also had the incredible fortune of having hit one of the best weeks of recent times.  In addition to being the week of the triggering of Article 50 by Theresa May and of the days immediately after the terrorist attack in London , that one was also the week of warm and beautiful weather, almost like the Italian kind.

I know it can look bad…

Sometimes I can feel guilty and ungrateful for not spending too many words of enthusiasm about this English town [which, deep down, is  giving me a lot in terms of life experiences] and always keeping up with my “piss-takes” …Today, by the way, would be one of those days, since the first of May here in Cambridge is not particularly similar to what my “Mediterranean” friends have experienced and documented in detail on Facebook..But I won’t think about that because I must  balance the “teasing” posts  (let it never be said that they’re negative!) with the positive ones. – So I’ll show you how Cambridge looks in the sun and thus on the days when I  love her:

Just a couple of pictures at the moment .. only because the others are too back in the cell phone gallery. 😛 However, there are other sunny shots  here – .. where you can also find happy moments like this one when I was walking in Market Square … 🙂

If everything was always like is told by that violin, I would always be … calm and serene.

I’ve seen things that you Neapolitans wouldn’t believe

This thing that you can not even for a moment give in to the idea that winter is over and believe that the seasons change is terrible. Have you suffered the cold in the dark winter all the autumn and winter? Well done. keep it up. A couple of days of fake spring and continues to suffer.  What you see below is April 26 in Cambridge. It’s not the falling ice  to “annoy me” but rather the 8 degrees – … in the video, because while I’m writing there are 2 degrees outside – ⛄️ ⚉ [.. together with the black man, I am sure 😜]

In days like this, Naples, I feel it is unnatural to stay away ..

Beware of the sausage dog

..and where’s ended up the mess of people and traffic? the need of wiggling away on your scooter in the middle of impossible traffic jams and pissed people, with eyes even behind your head to be safer? There is nothing like that here in Cambridge. Look how pretty it is, romantic at first .. [only 9 sec of videos]

You just have to pay attention to the cyclists. They are everywhere and often in a hurry and forbidding …If you are at the park with a dachshund friend, for example, and you get lost in admiring  the autumn landscape –  or in making a video with your cell phone – it can be really dangerous ..

😛 >_<