Beware of the sausage dog

..and where’s ended up the mess of people and traffic? the need of wiggling away on your scooter in the middle of impossible traffic jams and pissed people, with eyes even behind your head to be safer? There is nothing like that here in Cambridge. Look how pretty it is, romantic at first .. [only 9 sec of videos]

You just have to pay attention to the cyclists. They are everywhere and often in a hurry and forbidding …If you are at the park with a dachshund friend, for example, and you get lost in admiring  the autumn landscape –  or in making a video with your cell phone – it can be really dangerous ..

😛 >_<



Questo è l’estratto dell’articolo.

Here we go! I’ve been thinking about such a space for a while and finally here I am! Dearest, whoever you are, this is a mere fooling around and outburst tool. I need it.

The idea is born from the link you can see below. The winter here at the “North North” is very hard for one who comes from a warm place full of light and colors like Naples, so I thought I would ward off the pessimism of that period by making that video (taken from a real story. 😛)

Here what I want to do with this blog: playing. It is clear that I’ve been a super-spoiled, lucky, and “used to beauty” person for about thirty years and it is clear that I might have the kind of reactions I will tell you about. Naples is a blessing and a curse at the same time..and Cambridge is not so bad. It is very nice and under the sun (those couple of times a year) is very pleasant.