Hello 2021

I wish all of us for this new year what 2020 has taught us: to take care of ourselves, love ourselves and others, slow down. Let’s choose to overcome all difficulties by facing them, and we will be happy and victorious. ☀️💪🔥💫🥂

I wish you all a magic new year

Peaceful moments

‘When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.’

I am still enjoying these beautiful days of freedom. Yesterday the Campania region became “orange zone” for a short moment. So I could manage to go to a bookshop and a couple of shops for some shopping. Despite the strange period, life in Italy calms me down, and I like it, it suits me much more (when everything goes smoothly). I thought about it yesterday while I was paying for my purchases at the bookstore.

Working out in a beautiful place ❤️

I wish you all a new year of beautiful emotions, passions and boundless loves. 💫

More in touch with nature and with ourselves

Merry Christmas from the heart to those who stop by

Hi guys, I hope you are having the best of these days. As for me, I’ m trying to stay as much as possible with my family and also with myself. I’ve been recharging the batteries, clarifying my ideas a little, and trying to restart dreaming like when I was a child. I’ve been re-reading Oscar Wilde lately. How beautiful.

Naples, December 2020

Feel Neapolitan sun on your face

Here everything flows. I returned to Italy just in time since they have recently suspended flights with the United Kingdom due to the worsening of the virus situation (with a new English variant of the covid). In fact, when we landed at Capodichino airport, in addition to the self-certification, no one checked on the certificate or swabs (as happened instead at Rome’s Ciampino airport last November). Luckily I have the certificate of my very expensive swab made in Cambridge just before leaving.

With my beloved twin in my beloved Naples ❤️

For the rest, finally a little vacation from work. We’ll get soon to the heart of the celebrations with my close family despite the strange period. I’m challenging myself: I am on a detox diet until Christmas eve, workout every day, and daimoku and gongyo daily. it’s working. 🙂 💪 Never give up, guys, always revolution.