Hello 2021

I wish all of us for this new year what 2020 has taught us: to take care of ourselves, love ourselves and others, slow down. Let’s choose to overcome all difficulties by facing them, and we will be happy and victorious. ☀️💪🔥💫🥂

I wish you all a magic new year

Peaceful moments

‘When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.’

I am still enjoying these beautiful days of freedom. Yesterday the Campania region became “orange zone” for a short moment. So I could manage to go to a bookshop and a couple of shops for some shopping. Despite the strange period, life in Italy calms me down, and I like it, it suits me much more (when everything goes smoothly). I thought about it yesterday while I was paying for my purchases at the bookstore.

Working out in a beautiful place ❤️

I wish you all a new year of beautiful emotions, passions and boundless loves. 💫

More in touch with nature and with ourselves

Merry Christmas from the heart to those who stop by

Hi guys, I hope you are having the best of these days. As for me, I’ m trying to stay as much as possible with my family and also with myself. I’ve been recharging the batteries, clarifying my ideas a little, and trying to restart dreaming like when I was a child. I’ve been re-reading Oscar Wilde lately. How beautiful.

Naples, December 2020

Feel Neapolitan sun on your face

Here everything flows. I returned to Italy just in time since they have recently suspended flights with the United Kingdom due to the worsening of the virus situation (with a new English variant of the covid). In fact, when we landed at Capodichino airport, in addition to the self-certification, no one checked on the certificate or swabs (as happened instead at Rome’s Ciampino airport last November). Luckily I have the certificate of my very expensive swab made in Cambridge just before leaving.

With my beloved twin in my beloved Naples ❤️

For the rest, finally a little vacation from work. We’ll get soon to the heart of the celebrations with my close family despite the strange period. I’m challenging myself: I am on a detox diet until Christmas eve, workout every day, and daimoku and gongyo daily. it’s working. 🙂 💪 Never give up, guys, always revolution.

Lockdown life

Cambridge, lockdown 2020. In this period, to get away from stress and thoughts, the things I do most often are: drink coffee and look out the window overlooking the garden. The important thing is to keep “going”, to continue what you set out to do and always have your own goals to look at. Let’s hold on 🔥 👌

English masterpiece films in their original language

I have never kept it a secret that moving from Italy to the Uk has not been easy for me, especially at the beginning. In the end, however, I think the journey and the difficulties were worth it. There are traits of this culture that I have come to appreciate and that I am grateful to have come in contact with.

The British, despite their privacy and not knowing how to express their feelings at all (in the sense of not being really interested in doing so) are an interesting people with great skills: first of all functionality, the ability to make things work. and professionalism in work, in all types of work, not least in film. Lately I have felt extreme joy and satisfaction in watching great English films that I already loved from Italy, in their original language.

First: Bridget Jones. Women, how much does Bridget make us laugh and how much do we see ourselves in her ? In her original language and voice, in that perfect English that I never imagined of when I watched the Italian version of the film, she cracks you up even more. 😂

I admit that now I also look at the settings differently, because I really know them, because I’ve been there and because I live there.

Second: The magnificent Harry Potter. How much beauty at Hogwarts, in all that magic, among faithful owls, flying cars, enchanted letters, stairs that change position at their discretion, animated paintings, bewitched chessboards.

And there is another incredible story born from the imagination of English creators inspired by this land: Alice in Wonderland.

Of all three, however, I have not reread the books in the original language. I’ll do it and tell you about those too.