Friday night

I am listening to music with my super headphones 🎧 in order to escape from the boredom and exhaustion of Friday night, and to retreat into beautiful rhythms. It’s been a long week, but today I got back home happy and in high spirit. The best fruit of these last two weeks is this, together with all the things that it brought with it đŸŽ™đŸŽ¶ <- We have talked about art, music, and people. The things that I love.

Always up with music!I couldn’t make it without you.


Everything flows, even UNDER the rain

Panta rhei (Ï€ÎŹÎœÏ„Î± ῄΔῖ), “everything flows” said Heraclitus. So is it here obviously.  Everything is always changing, and so, after some nice, hot, light-filled day, today some “autumn feelings” (as I call them) have come back. Today I filmed this 👇 while I was on my way home.

I always say it, if there is one thing that makes my life milder here since I arrived, that are these wonderful furry kids/angels …

A good moment in Cambridge ;)

Ok, I haven’t written here in a long time…since I left for Naples and then I came back to Cambridge with the desire to be still in Naples etc etc…And since I don’t like to depress anyone with my  negative thoughts, I kept silent and posted only a few positive images (maybe just a seafood salad actually.. 😅) Anyway, here we are again, in July, after a very short summer week in June, and then some autumn days alternated with few sporadic warm days like the one you can see here ! 👇

Yesterday, I was working on my laptop, some good music was playing,  and I noticed that it was not so bad out of the window, in harmony with what’s in here…😜

My coming out [the side effects ..]

Lately everyone is criticizing these Spanish singers (such as Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi, etc.) who come up with their successful hits as soon as the good season shows up (the real proper one, in countries where there is still the cycle of seasons in accordance with the needs of our nature of human beings…) No way! I have become an “addicted” to their cheerful  and “fucking around” songs. With my surprise actually: I’m passionate about music and I listen to all kinds, from instrumental to commercial, to classic .. In addition to beautiful melodies, I LOVE to find interesting and meaningful lyrics able to tug at my heartstrings. So, the first time I saw the video I linked below, my thoughts (well “neapolitanly” expressed) were: “But what lout!” or even things like “please, guys, go to work !!” Lately, I rather play those songs over and over again to cheer myself up.  And in addition to the high volume, I need to watch the videos: nothing other than people dancing, laughing and having fun, under an unbelievable sunshine on crowded beaches or at nightclubs, with actually some boor guys and beautiful women flattered by their firm and “mucho cliente” courtship.

Yep! Let’s go to sing and dance.