My latest Radio Dante show about learning languages online

Here it is my latest podcast. I admit, this time it’s been a bit stressful because entirely recorded at home and not in a radio studio as we usually do. This episode, in Italian and English, is about the benefits of online learning. The show offers very interesting tips and suggestions to study languages online, and also features interesting interviews on the topic.

My latest Radio Dante show

Here it is, the latest Radio Dante show about the link between England and the Italian city of Vercelli. 😸🎢🎡

My latest radio Dante show on Christmas in Literature

Here it is, my latest radio Dante show, half an hour in Italian and half an hour in English, about Christmas in Literature. We talked about Gianni Rodari (what beautiful poems he has made!) and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Of course, there is also some very good music to listen to! πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΆ

Pulcinella in Cambridge

It’s been a while since last time I wrote here, ‘sorry about that’ , as they say here. The end and the beginning of the year have been quite complicated for me and winter has been more severe, darker and colder than ever…so I am so happy to be here.

I feel good today despite the Monday will be soon upon us. I’ll just give a little summery with some pictures. πŸ‘‰ it looks like spring is here with all this higher temperature and more light. Cambridge and life take on a different aspect and immediately I fell lighter and more enthusiastic.

At work, it’s going well. The people I work with lately are special, endowed with an emotional sensitivity that I feel akin to. It does make a difference ..! This is the latest Radio Dante show that we recorded on Thursday with two of them, Felicea and Daniele. The subject: Venice, Tintoretto and the amour!l After having uploaded the podcast online on Friday afternoon a sweet little curly angel came to see me…my Poppy! ❀️ The next one will be a quite hard week, so I’ve been very lucky to recharge the batteries with the positive and magical energies of this amazing girl. I am grateful to have among the ‘beautiful souls’ who are part of my life here she and her mothers ( I am always lucky!)

Then, on Saturday (yesterday) I had a long day at work cheered up by the guy you can see in the picture below with me πŸ‘‡

Luca Luciano, Neapolitan, is a successful clarinettist and composer here in the UK as well as in Italy. I interviewed him on the radio and also in video. It has been a nice breath of fresh air. The lively, dark and intelligent eyes of the Neapolitan people are unmistakable. I do not understand what it is. It is that land, it is as if burning charcoal from Vesuvius are in the eyes of every Neapolitan. Anyway, what a city of art and beauty is my Naples! πŸ’™One hour later, I was able to attend his concert where he was in duo with Yuko Osedo at the piano at Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge. Wonderful.To take the edge off , I have had a glass of prosecco with Giulia from above, at the Six Brasserie (what a beautiful discovery!)This morning, β˜€οΈ sunny again. Lunch at the Thai restaurant ( here I am in the toilet of the restaurant) β˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈ

and a walk around … (I will have this absurd bell ! I will bring it to my mum!) 😎

-For now, over and out. I hope I have made up for the absence. πŸ’‹  

The latest Radio Dante show

Everything goes by here in Cambridge, and one of the things I enjoy the most is Radio Dante. Here is the latest show 🎼😜 (half an hour in English and half an hour in Italian)