Kasumi is distrustful of the male gender

The girl you’re going to see in this short video is Kasumi. She’ll be staying at my place  for a few days. She’s a young lady who does not really love men, and when we go out together, she keeps them all away! 😬

But for me it is important she gets along with my partner who in his own way, and with commitment, tries to conquer her.. 😂


Everything flows, even UNDER the rain

Panta rhei (πάντα ῥεῖ), “everything flows” said Heraclitus. So is it here obviously.  Everything is always changing, and so, after some nice, hot, light-filled day, today some “autumn feelings” (as I call them) have come back. Today I filmed this 👇 while I was on my way home.

I always say it, if there is one thing that makes my life milder here since I arrived, that are these wonderful furry kids/angels …

I’ve seen things that you Neapolitans wouldn’t believe

This thing that you can not even for a moment give in to the idea that winter is over and believe that the seasons change is terrible. Have you suffered the cold in the dark winter all the autumn and winter? Well done. keep it up. A couple of days of fake spring and continues to suffer.  What you see below is April 26 in Cambridge. It’s not the falling ice  to “annoy me” but rather the 8 degrees – … in the video, because while I’m writing there are 2 degrees outside – ⛄️ ⚉ [.. together with the black man, I am sure 😜]

In days like this, Naples, I feel it is unnatural to stay away ..